Fine custom paper goods

My name is Kevin Mulhall and I'm the creator and designer of KLM creative. I'm a New Jersey native with a passion for art and design. Everything you see here is truly a labor of love from conception to execution.

I'm classically trained in art history and studio art, and my shop enables me to share my designs with more than just my family and friends. Many of my designs actually come from an actual need in my personal life: giving a gift, sending a thank you, etc. So my life and people in it are truly the inspirations for my work. Chances are if you see it here, I've used it in my personal life.

Unique to the paper goods and digital items I craft are the attention to detail, texture and dimensionality of each piece. Each item features layers of texture, patterns, colors and embellishment. The end is result is high quality, handmade invitations, place cards, gifts tags, digital designs and other paper goods.

While the shop showcases many of my current designs, I'm always working on something new, so if you don't see something that fits your need - just ask!

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